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The Water Wise Program


Water Wise works within schools, and within the community, to educate and encourage water conservation and preserving watershed health.


Instructors teach our Water Wise education modules in the classroom within our local school districts, and at Gavin Lake Forest Education Centre. There are also hands on activities for students that include field trips to the river valley and the sewage treatment plant, as well as annual storm drain painting and student art displays.




In the classrooms, students learn about the chemistry of water, watersheds and take measurable challenges, learning through doing. An extensive Teachers Guide, for our area, has been developed and is given to all teachers participating in the program. At Gavin Lake, each class is briefed on water conservation, while water wise site signage in washrooms, showers and kitchen, remind residents to conserve water. Displays and signage on water facts, watersheds and salmonids in the area bring the significance of water in the ecosystems at Gavin. Rain barrels and a xeriscape garden demonstrate alternative, water friendly landscapes.


Water Wise also presents to children's groups, high schools, the Elder College, Thompson Rivers University, local businesses, and any other groups that would like to learn more.


In the community we spread the Water Wise message with radio ads, public service announcements on television, newspaper ads and articles, distributing educational materials (brochures, bookmarks featuring children's artwork), community displays, signage and posters, workshops and presentations, campaigns (e.g. dental clinic, hotels, bottled water, restaurant) as well as visiting individual establishments for consultations, and the placement of tap/mirror reminder stickers at busy public locations.



If you would like to have a Water Wise presentation at your school, business, or organization, don't hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to work with you on becoming Water Wise.


Water Wise Links


Environment Canada: Water and the Environment

Cariboo Regional District: Water conservation

UN - Water .

The Council of Canadians: Water

Circle of Blue WATERNEWS: Up-to-date news on the global water crisis by an international network of

leading journalists, scientists and communications design experts.



Shrink Your Footprint Challenge

Are you going to start saving water today? Then take the challenge! Send in your results for a chance to win a reusable double-walled water bottle and banner bag!


1.) Click here for a two-week water footprint sheet

2.) Record your answers for a typical week right away

3.) Start practising water wise tips that work for you for one full week.

4.) Go back and record your answers for week two

5.) Send us your results for both weeks to, or call 250-398-7929

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