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Cariboo Chilcotin Environmental Education

The CCCS is a leader in regional environmental education for grades K-12, within the Cariboo Regional District. Our Watershed Health/Sustainable Life education programs (including Water Wise & Waste Wise sessions) fill the environmental education gaps in our provincial curriculum, and foster rich relationships with nature that lead to a better understanding of how regional ecosystems function, their services, and how we can both protect and rely on them, now and into the future. This is because our education programs combine both in-class and outdoor learning objectives and modules. Students not only learn about how and why our regional ecosystems and maintenance facilities work, but they get to see them, too.


Every year, we reach over 2,000 students with our education programs, and this is how we do it:


Principles That Guide Our Education Programming


Fun: Our educators work very hard to ensure all content is delivered in fun and coherent ways. Our modules are developed specifically for each grade or group, and include interactive displays, models, and games to keep youth engaged and improve retention.


Interactive: In addition to displays, students also get to interact directly with local ecosystems and water/waste management facilities. The CCCS has many supportive partnerships that make this happen, such as Scout Island Nature Centre, The City of Williams Lake Water and Waste department, Central Cariboo Disposal Services, and the Gavin Lake Forest Education Society, to name a few.


Interconnected: Students learn about how regional ecosystems work, and why they need protecting, for the environmental, economic, and social benefits they provide us. We offer realistic solutions and encourage students to think critically about their impact on the environment.

Learn More About the
Cariboo Chilcotin

If you want to be a conservation champion in our community, but have never had a Water or Waste Wise class or presentation, fear not! We have compiled loads of information on Cariboo Chilcotin ecosystems and species for your learning pleasure. If you have any questions, or would like more info, please give us a call or send an email! You can also find hard copy info in publications such as our Conservation Field Guide, as well as info on Species at Risk in the Region.

Sustainable Life Education

Garbage, recycling, composting,'s all about being wise with our waste. And not wasting it at all! Sometimes, however, waste management can be really confusing or overwhelming. Have a look at our info and give us a call if you have any further questions: 250.398.7929.

Watershed Health Education

The CCCS Water Wise program is your #1 source for local and regional water systems and maintenance information. Learn everything there is to know about watersheds, wetlands, snow, and where our drinking water comes from.


"Your centre (Gavin Lake) allows for a learning/teaching style which is not always possible in our classrooms. They (parents/children and staff) note how our entire community benefits from the ecologically-sound attitudes which our children learn. The lessons on the link between the natural world and the one created by man is often commented upon by teachers who have accompanied the kids."  - SD27 principal


"The modules that the students experience are jumping-off points for our fall curriculum in the areas of science and socials." - SD27 teacher


"Thanks for the great module on 'Endangered Species', the kids came away pleased with themselves and their newly acquired knowledge. I also came away with a bundle of useable information." - SD27 teacher


"We are grateful for having participated in the Endangered Species module. Our class feels that we can now make better personal decisions about the environment around us." - SD27 teacher


Earth Challenge 2015 179.jpg




Each year, on or around Earth Day, we coordinate and host a Jeopardy-style educational event for 7-8 Williams Lake middle school students. We call it the Earth Challenge event, and students are given a booklet to study before the event that covers conservation topics such as waste and water management, air quality, eco systems, and climate change. They are then gathered at the school to duke it out with their peers, and field trip prizes are awarded to each class. One of our most popular events!

This is also a great opportunity to see some of the material we teach in the classroom. Check out the Earth Challenge booklet right here!

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