Our work would be so much less without the endless support of people like you.

The Kindness of Volunteers

Volunteer at events, or on our Board of Directors

With over 15 events every year, we can use all the help we can get! From co-facilitating Water and Waste Wise games and displays, to crafting Earth friendly Christmas decorations, we would love to have your help.


In addition, like all non-profits, our Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated volunteers who care enough about the Cariboo Chilcotin environent to help guide us in preserving it. If you are interested in contributing more to our conservation efforts, please contact Amber Gregg, Sustainable Life Coordinator, at ccentre@ccconserv.org.


YES! I want to support the Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society

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Memberships contribute to our work in two important ways: they are a reliable source of revenue to continue our work, and they give us strength in numbers. They also give you a voice at our Annual General Meeting, so you can have a say in how we work for conservation in your community. Thank you for being a part of the solution!


Membership Rates:


Individual $15.00

Couple $20.00

Senior/Student $5.00

Business $30.00


If a membership isn't right for you, but you would still like to donate, please visit our Donation page to learn more on how to give! Thank you so much for your gift to conservation.

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